Butt Chins.

I absolutely love my daughter's chin.  She has a chin that is different from both her father and I and while it's not a completely uncommon thing, I feel like it is different and unique.  Presley shares this trait with her Grampa Scott (my dad) and her Aunt Ashley (my sister) because all three of their chins have clefts in them.  When Presley was born, that was the first thing the nurses asked me before they even handed Presley to me, before I even saw my daughter... "Wow!  So who in your family has a dimple in their chin?"  And before I could even think of my dad, I thought of Ashley.  Maybe that's because she is a girl, like Presley, or maybe I didn't think of my dad right away because he's passed on - but I'd say my dad's was much more prominent than Ashley's.  It's pretty neat because Presley really did look a LOT like my little sister when she was just born.

Growing up, I would have told you my little sister was the cutest kid ever.  (That is, as long as we weren't fighting at the moment.)  I thought her round little face and her full cheeks were adorable and I always loved her little bangs.  When she was younger, she really looked like Darla from "The Little Rascals"  - so cute!  And not a whole lot changed as we grew up, I always thought my sister was pretty and still do.  Even though when I look at Presley I don't necessarily see Ashley's face anymore, I do see that they have many of the same traits.  (I also see my dad's face in her so much these days... but I will save that for another post.)

Anyways, to me, being different in reality is a beautiful and wonderful thing.  There are people out there that will pick on you for your differences or put a negative spin on it and that's too bad.  As an adult, I can put things into perspective and realize that the negativity that people project is really just a reflection of their ugliness and not my own, but for kids, they don't necessarily always see with that sort of clarity.  So when someone came up to me and told my daughter she had a "butt chin" the other day, I was proud of it.  It wasn't until a little while later that I recalled the event in my head and saw it from another angle; the lady was kind-of poking fun at her about it.  (Which is fine, like I said, honest to God it didn't bother me.)

Because of that, I started to think of my favorite actresses who have "butt" chins and who are drop-dead-gorgeous!  I want to compile my mental list here into my blog so that I don't forget... just in case Presley ever needs reassurance on this small difference.

Elisha Cuthbert - absolutely stunning

Alexis Bledel - dark hair, fair skin, and blue eyes - just like my baby!

Vanessa Hudgens - absolutely beautiful

Jenna Dewan - I love her style but liked her look pre-facial-work better than now.

Nikki Reed - my favorite "butt" chin actress - she is flawless in such a subtle way!

Rebecca Herbst - I think she is gorgeous (despite how much I despise her character right now on GH.)

Sandra Bullock - it took me a while to think of her because I have never even noticed she had a cleft chin!

Emily Blunt - she is my hubby's favorite on the list!
Are there any actresses I've left off?  And what are the subtle, unique features you like about yourself or your own child?

I've always thought my brown eyes were ugly and boring, but it wasn't until recently that I've noticed how much I love being a brown-eyed-girl.  So much so that I was a little bummed when Presley's eyes didn't match my own.  (However, I adore her blue eyes and am so happy she has her own special eye color separate from mine or her daddy's.) 

Hope this has caused you to pick out what you once thought was an oddity in yourself or someone else and have realized the awesome things about it.  And Presley, if you ever read this one day, I hope you have never given your adorable chin a second thought!  It's part of you and there is no part of you that isn't special.

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  1. I have a butt chin too. :) Presley is so so so so so so cute!

  2. Other actress that has butt chin is Mariska Hargitary (Olivia Benson from Law and Order: SVU)and she's gorgeous. I don't see anything wrong with "butt chins"... I have a subtle one of my own! Ha ha. Love this post--Presley is lucky to have a mama like you in her life!


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