So, the past few nights Presley has been going to bed between 7-8pm as she normally does.  But lately she's been waking up a few times before I even go to bed - she will usually cry/whine a little... sometimes I will need to go in there to hold her or flip her over or just pat her back but usually she will correct  it herself (whatever is bothering her) and will go back to bed.  It really hasn't bothered me much that this is going on but once I hear that she's awake I have a mini heart attack thinking about those newborn days where she would wake up and stay up for several hours.  So like I said, even though it doesn't upset me, I sometimes just find myself with a little black cloud over my head in those situations.  This is probably because I'm an anxious/worry-wart type person.

I just went in her room to check on her after she started crying and didn't settle back down.  I picked her up and just shushed and rocked her a bit.  And then she fell asleep on me after a minute or so.  This really hasn't happened in a long while and it just felt so nice.  I started to think about the fact that she is growing so much lately and each day she becomes less like a baby.  There are many pros and cons to leaving the baby stage... usually I focus on the pro section but tonight I couldn't help but think that my days of holding her like this may be numbered.  She's not even 8 months yet, so I am most likely jumping the gun on all of this.

Like I said, though, she is becoming less and less like a baby and I am typically loving all the fun and new things that come along with it.

I just want to remember how special and perfect moments like tonight are.


  1. So sweet.. I know just how you feel. Abi has done the wake/whine/fall back to sleep thing for a while and some nights I look forward to going in to comfort her because after a few hours of her being asleep, I miss her. And I know that all too soon I will not be able to cuddle the way we do now. It's bittersweet really.

  2. Awwwww what a sweet post! I'm totally feeling it too! Audrey is so much fun right now and is a total mamas girl. But she gives me the hand when I try to kiss her, but that's because she thinks it's funny. Someday she really will give me the hand. *Sigh* too!


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