Crunch time!

It's funny how I find a million things to do instead of doing the time-sensitive tasks that need to be completed. My semester is finishing up which almost always means final paper writing time and this year is no exception. In the next 3-4 weeks I have five major papers to start and finish and instead of working towards completing those or any other final assignments, I am printing coupons for groceries, working out, checking out a million Cd's at the library, doing various wedding plans, etc.

Honestly, it will be a miracle if I get everything done this semester because I have no motivation for school anymore. Then there is the graduation ceremony just before the wedding -- the wedding -- our honeymoon -- and then I have a bunch of summer classes to complete before I am FINALLY done with my Bachelor's requirements. So unfortunately, I won't be able to really relax until July 29th! But the payoff will be great.

Another big thing coming up on the horizon is our lease. Our two year lease is up in August and we've got big decisions to make. Tony & I both feel that as much as we love the people we've met in the Quad Cities, it is just not our permanent home. I don't think we can survive any more winters up here! (Those of you who like getting around in the snow and ice astound me!) We're still haven't come to a consensus on when we'll move or where our next move will be to, but I'm sure it will be somewhere in Tennessee closer to our southern family members.

So right now I have so much to think about that it overwhelms me and instead of being active about any of it I just sit around and worry or fill my time with something easier to think about. Besides all the heavy stuff, here are some other things that has been going on since the last time I really wrote....

Going out for Betsy's birthday while she was in town :)

Tony & I at our Memphis wedding shower!

Us with our godson, Landon, while we visited in March

Me and Katie out one night while she was home!

I wish Katie & Betsy lived here!!
Me & Miss Chloe at my wedding shower here in Illinois

Me & my mom at the wedding shower!

And as much as these big things worry me, I have so many wonderful things to look forward to and to get excited about -- I just need help staying focused on those things. And in the meantime I will enjoy my time in the Quad Cities while I'm still here!

Warmth & happiness to you all....


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