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Twenty Statement Challenge.

As a requirement for one of my classes, my professor ask that we make a list of twenty or so statements about ourselves. Here is the initial prompt:   Make a list of twenty statements about yourself. Begin each statement with "I am..." and then finish that statement.  After writing the statements we will then be asked a series of reflective questions.  If you feel up for the challenge as well I suggest you make the list before reading the reflective questions because they may sway what you put down.

I am a twenty-three year old female.I am a wife and a newlywed!I am a sister.I am a daughter.I am a loyal friend.I am a food addict. I am spontaneous.I am always running late.I am good with kids because they never cease to make me happy.I am always getting sick.I am not the best student.I am pretty dang lazy.I am tired often as I don't get much sleep.I am in LOVE with music.I am looking to live a more spiritual life.I am aspiring to be a human resource manager.I am hoping to m…