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Well, this past week I have found myself CRAVING some authentic Mexican food!  (Specifically Los Agaves for you Quad City locals.)  Since our income has been downsized we haven't been out to eat - with the exception of our Chick-fil-A spicy night special once every few weeks - and I have been dreaming of delicious tacos, salsa, bean dip, and chips.  Yes... I can make ALL of those things from the comfort of my own home and TRUST ME... I have!!!  But, as my bestie Betsy and I just recently talked about - it's just not the same as the real deal.  And I need to stop talking about these damn tacos before I lose it!  I just ate dinner and I'm starving for tacos already!!

I am patiently waiting for December!  As much as I LOVE November.... I cannot wait for the Christmas season to begin!  I'm excited for Christmas cards and decking the halls and my favorite Christmas albums!  I am looking forward to Presley visiting Santa Claus this year and hoping it goes better than last year!

Definitely remembering how much Presley detested being on Santa's lap last year so we're thinking of taking a family picture with Santa instead this year.  I would hate to scar Presley for life when it comes to Santa Claus so as much as I would love an adorable picture of just Presley and Santa... I think we will pass on that this year UNLESS she seems ultra comfortable with him beforehand.

I am really liking loving my giant Tervis and my new reusable Tervis straws from Bed Bath & Beyond!  I take it everywhere with me and it is always full of water.  It's also very important to me to cut down on waste and I think having a reusable cup that you really like and that will stand up to the test of time will help you stop buying bottles of water!!!

Tonight I cooked up some steak, eggs, and biscuits and it was just alright... I'm not a huge fan of that meal but my husband likes it!  Earlier in the week we made the ALWAYS delicious chicken enchilada pasta (yum! yum! yum!), shepherd's pie, and potato soup.  Those are three of my favorite recipes and they are staples in this house so feel free to add them to your rotation if they aren't there already!  Come back and let me know how you like them, too.

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  1. I'm with you - as much as I try, my cooking is never as good as going to an authentic Mexican restaurant! The taco's I can do, but I just never seem to get the salsa - and I've tried every "the best salsa recipe EVER" recipe out there :)

    1. Man. I mean, my tacos are good... they just taste nothing like authentic tacos! Sounds like I need to head to your house for some tacos?! ;) And one of my favorite salsas made from home had watermelon & feta in it... weird combo but just fabulous end product!


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