Unintended hiatus.

Hey everybody!

It has been so long since I posted here... Not sure how I feel about that exactly. I love writing and sharing and connecting but so much of the online community can be so cruel to one another which makes sharing less appealing these days. I'm at a point where I don't feel compelled to share every little (or even big) thing. Plus, being on snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram intermittently seems to be appealing for various things. (Twitter for venting, Instagram for photo sharing, Facebook for connecting and I'm still wondering why Snapchat is so appealing!) 

That leaves my blog for... What exactly? I'm not sure. And then there is finding the time/energy to write posts in here. I suppose that energy is being siphoned into my kiddos - they require copious amounts of attention and patience. 

Ultimately, journaling is important to me as is writing and it's something I fully intend to keep in my life. Hopefully I can rekindle my affection for writing through Blogger. I recently heard of a neat journal from my friend, Hannah. "Our Q&A a day: 365 questions/3 years/2,190 shared answers. 3-year journal for 2 people" I got it for Tony as an anniversary gift and we've loved it so far. It's one question a day and you both answer it on your own. It just ends up being your own wonderful little love letter time capsule. I love hearing how Tony answers the question every day and I really enjoy doing it myself. 

At the same time, I bought a journal type of book titled "642 things to write about" and that one is just as fun and maybe a little bit more challenging. The prompts really are all over the place - some being things I'm completely interested in writing or talking about and others are a bit outside my comfort zone BUT... If you enjoy writing then I really, really recommend you look into it for yourself!

A long while back a friend from my childhood church gave me a daily praise journal and I absolutely loved it. It saw me through some really difficult (and awesome) points in my life and eventually I filled up all the pages. So a couple years ago I ordered a new one from the same company, wrote in it a bit, and lost it in our move to Tennessee. I don't remember the company to reorder BUT once I figure it out I think that'll be where I go to journal for a while. There is something intimate about journaling that you miss completely when the entire point is opening everyone else up to read it online like it is here. 

So anyways, all these things to say: I've been gone and don't foresee and immediate, regular return to blogging on my horizon anytime soon simply because I don't feel compelled to write here. There have been times I've wanted to sit and write my feelings on some contemporary issues that hit home with me (marriage equality, nursing in public, etc.) but it just seems that sharing hurts some one else's feelings or the meaning of my written words can easily be misconstrued  so I just choose not to share. That's not to say I don't make my viewpoints known, but it does keep me from actually expanding on any topics more deeply. 

Maybe someday I'll find my blogger voice again and will continue to look out for it in the meantime. 


  1. I have this 50 year journal and LOVE IT. So much fun. There is only room to write a sentence or two or three in each box depending on how big you write. I HIGHLY recommend it. The first year it was a little lame but each year after that it has been great to see what we were doing a year ago or two years ago.


    1. Ooooh I love the idea for this one!!! Thanks for sharing!


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