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Unintended hiatus.

Hey everybody!
It has been so long since I posted here... Not sure how I feel about that exactly. I love writing and sharing and connecting but so much of the online community can be so cruel to one another which makes sharing less appealing these days. I'm at a point where I don't feel compelled to share every little (or even big) thing. Plus, being on snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram intermittently seems to be appealing for various things. (Twitter for venting, Instagram for photo sharing, Facebook for connecting and I'm still wondering why Snapchat is so appealing!) 
That leaves my blog for... What exactly? I'm not sure. And then there is finding the time/energy to write posts in here. I suppose that energy is being siphoned into my kiddos - they require copious amounts of attention and patience. 

Ultimately, journaling is important to me as is writing and it's something I fully intend to keep in my life. Hopefully I can rekindle my affection for writing …