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Baby 3.0: 21 Weeks + "Me Before You" House Party Giveaway!

If this pregnancy follows the same pattern as my last two, then we should have about 17.5 weeks to go until this baby arrives. I'm already counting down the days!

I was just looking through the weekly photos from my other pregnancies and realized this is the first pregnancy where we're not moving halfway through! Which is so amazing. But we couldn't just keep things TOO nice and easy, right? We're going to be adding a new vehicle to the family so that'll be enough excitement if you ask me.

Seems like Crosby has done a lot of growing in the last week or so. And he's definitely kicking a lot more lately which is a really great feeling. I guess I've been letting Presley know when the baby is kicking a bunch lately because she asked me the other day if I liked being kicked. And when I said I did she asked if she could kick me. (Also, yes, she was dead serious. Silly goose.) That's really all there is to say about pregnancy at this point.

So, if you're …

Tony & Ali 5-ever

Five years ago today Tony and I were still reeling from one of the biggest days of our life.

When people talk about the happiest day of their lives they often mention the birth of their children... which I am always a little envious when they truly feel that way. That day is always so intertwined with pain and struggle and exhaustion for me. I always think about our wedding day when the topic of "best day ever" comes up. I felt so much joy and peace on that day, it was amazing. Things went wrong but all negative feelings just bounced right off of me. I had a hundred reasons to be anxious but I was excited and truly happy. My dad was missing from such a huge day of my life and I expected to feel especially empty but instead of that I felt loved and cherished by everyone present. I loved everything about marrying Tony and would do it again every year if I could. We had such a fun time with our friends and family that night! And then we headed off to Walt Disney World in all o…

Baby 3.0: 20 Weeks + WE HAVE A NAME!

Pregnancy in the second trimester can be so dreamy when compared to the first and third trimester experiences. Typically for me, the first trimester is full of morning sickness and nausea while the third trimester is full of aches and a hard time sleeping at night. So I really don't have a whole lot to report at the moment as there isn't too much action here lately. I'm feeling good. I'm sleeping good.

I was walking around Aldi last night with a big jar of pickles on my hip and realized how much of a stereotypical pregnant lady I must've looked. The same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with Presley and ran into my friend Jaime while shopping. She was like, "Oh lord could you be more pregnant?" because I was headed to the checkout lane with a huge jar of pickles in one hand and a tub of ice cream in the other!

It still feels surreal we're having a boy and a little crazy we'll have to wait 4 months before we get to meet him. I have a whole…

Baby 3.0: It's A....

I'm pretty sure I'm still in shock that we'll be bringing a baby boy home later this year!

There were so many little differences in this pregnancy than my other two that deep, deep down I wondered if it was a boy. I caught myself calling this baby "he" all the time to Presley (probably subconsciously to balance out her insistence that this was a girl) and of course every appointment when the heart rate was considerably lower than the girls' were, I just kept feeling that this would be a boy. I didn't talk a whole lot about it because I am weird and didn't want to jinx anything! When our ultrasonographer told us it was a boy I had such an instant reaction... so excited and definitely the same tears streaming down my face as the other two times we've found out!

We haven't had a whole lot of time to really process the information yet so I am still in shock about it. But the overwhelming feeling in the house is one of excitement. And maybe once I…

Baby 3.0: BOY or GIRL?

Tomorrow is the BIG appointment where we'll find out if this baby is a he or she. Gender isn't a huge factor to me, to be honest. I don't feel that either gender is more important than the other - both are beautiful and wonderful and deserve celebration. We don't have all pink things in this house because we currently have all girls. My girls love their Disney princesses full of magic, dresses, and singing but they're equally fascinated by all things Star Wars including light saber fights. They dig in the dirt and they aren't being raised to know the difference between "boy" and "girl" colors, clothes, or toys.

So in this regard, the outcome of tomorrow's ultrasound isn't hanging in the balance for us. I don't feel that our family would be incomplete if we are lucky enough to have a third girl. Will we miss out on certain experiences? Potentially, but not necessarily. I might not ever get a mother/son wedding dance. We might not…

Baby 3.0: 19 Weeks + Mother's Day!

Thank goodness we finally felt the baby kicking around this last week. Yep, not just me but Tony, too, felt the baby kick. It couldn't have happened at a more perfect time either. We were in the middle of a conversation about possibly calling the doctor's office the next day - I had a lot of anxiety about being nearly 19 weeks along and not feeling movement - when this baby decides to start kicking me. Tony put his hand on my belly and felt it, too! So wonderful. I'm still not feeling a whole lot of movement or kicking but at least once a day puts my mind at ease.

My "cravings" lately include Taco Bell soft tacos (which is a place I have not eaten at for a long time before this pregnancy), hot Cheetos, and my homemade Shepherd's Pie (though technically I should refer to my recipe as Cottage Pie since I use beef instead of lamb). And if I had to choose what I think I'm having, right now I would choose a boy. But for the record, I thought the same thing wh…