Beauty from Pain.

I sure cannot wait for winter to be over. I know right now is the time of the year that everything dies off and this is what makes the growing process in Spring so beautiful, but it sure has been tough this year. 

I took a course that focused on the literature of the bible and we looked at the bible through a very critical, educated lens. At first, it was fun and interesting, but for me it soon became a huge struggle. I didn't realize at first, but to some degree I was entering into a state of depression because I honestly didn't know what I believed in anymore. I am still not fully healed from this blow, but I am getting there. I really do feel like this is a process for me; my own paschal mystery that goes right along with the seasons of our life. (Dying and moving towards new life.)

 In other news, Tony and I went "home" to Tennessee for nearly two weeks this winter. It was so nice to get out of our normal and get out of town for a bit, especially to see family and friends. However, coming home to lengthy "to-do" lists and Tony's crazy work schedule, not so much fun. Another terrible thing to come back to is a funeral. Becky Anderson, a friend from the TEC community, passed away from us just before the new year. She was 20 years old and had fought against the cancer that was plaguing her for years. Although I wasn't a close personal friend, her death still hit me extremely hard and is still hard for me to deal with. But like I said, I am really moving towards a better place to be in my life. I am searching for the peace I felt from the top of my head to my toes and through my core when I was on my last Wheat Team on our weekend in November of 2009. I spoke on the topic of peace that weekend and I have never felt more at peace in my life. I am chasing after that.

Here are some snapshots of life over the past month or so. Per usual, never a dull moment.

 Tony and I in Nashville trying to take one of those pretty "jump" pictures. Didn't work out. :)
My LOVELY sisters: Amanda & Ashley
 Tony & I celebrating life with a group of Memphis friends at Chili's.
 I got my first tattoo with my awesome friend, Betsy! It was awesome.
 My fiance, my little sister, and myself at the Chattanooga Zoo!
 Dinner at Chili's in Collierville: December 27
 Tony's parents: Selena & Mike
 My nephew, Sammy, and I taking a "dog" nap!
 "Batman" building in Nashville
 Ashley, Sebastian, & Me at the Chattanooga Aquarium

So, that's what's new. School is starting back next week! I'm scared AND excited. When this semester is all said and done, I will be graduating! And will be officially done after a few summer courses. I just need to hold onto that motivation.

Four more months 'til the wedding! Amazing. Hope life is good, everybody.

Wishing everybody peace in their new year,


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