Keep Breathing.

I forget how therapeutic it is to blog up until the moment I begin to type; it is honestly an instantly calming affect. I remember THIS is something I need to make time to do. And now that I'm here... what to talk about...

Let's start with what is consuming my mind and attention at the moment: OUR HONEYMOON! (You just knew it would be something wedding related, didn't you? I'm so predictable!) After having the last 15 months to contemplate what we would do for our honeymoon, we finally came to awesome agreement of DISNEY WORLD! I have a feeling we are going to be those people who don't want the honeymoon to end. And we are totally going to be the dorky, touristy newlywed couple at Disney. I seriously can't wait! We're going to be there 8 days, 7 nights!

Everything is booked and it feels like a huge weight has left my shoulders -- and our bank, unfortunately! But... you only go on your first honeymoon once. (I say first because we are already planning future vacations in our heads!!!)

Aside from the exciting stuff, I just got over a nasty case of the flu which means I am so behind in all areas of my life: laundry, cleaning, schoolwork, wedding planning, ETC. You name it, I am overdue for it. Yet, here I sit on the computer doing various unnecessary tasks. Hopefully I will make tomorrow a productive day and get SOMETHING... anything done. I'm going to aim at the homework first and try to make headway there and then move to cleaning next.

As far as life for Tony goes, he is working overtime at work. It's wonderful for the paycheck but terrible for the home life. He is always tired and you can just tell when he gets home he'd like to relax so I feel bad ever asking him to do much once he's off. Yet, I still end up nagging him about not doing anything at the end of the day because I put too much on my own shoulders. I'm honestly just trying to stay afloat until Spring... if life can just stay together from falling completely apart until it starts to warm up, I think I will feel much more human. 

Other than that, my goals around the house and personally are still the same as usual. Still trying to work out more, eat smarter, and cook at home as much as possible. Blah blah blah...

Sorry for being so boring. All these things are invading my brain space and I just need to get a life outside of these daily chores! I'll leave you with a couple pictures. I hope everyone has a nice Valentines Day and enjoys the love you receive from others and cherish those in your life.

 Us & Tony's family at Granny's 70th Birthday Party! (We surprised them!!)
Us and Flavor Flav at his new fried chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa!

Peace & Love: 

"All that I know is I'm breathing now.

I want to change the world...instead I sleep.
I want to believe in more than you and me."
      Ingrid Michaelson


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