Almost October!

Another unintentional break from blogging.  Life is just moving so fast!

Presley & her Grammy

So, we now have a 19 month old in our house.  She is so silly and so full of personality.  Presley goes to the Niabi Zoo every week (and sometimes twice a week) and she absolutely loves it.  Her favorites things are the train, the lion exhibit (she loves to roar with them), and the giraffe encounter - where she loves to feed the giraffes!  She pretty much puts her whole hand in their mouths when she hands them the lettuce too!!!

I'm currently working at the zoo five days a week and it's a heck of a lot easier being away from Presley than I would have thought.  Though, I don't think I'd feel such ease if it wasn't Tony watching her.  I would be a nervous wreck in that case because I am such a worry wart.  I have found that I do "disconnect" myself emotionally (if that makes sense) when I have to leave for work.  It also has made me feel very much like the secondary parent.  Which is really surreal for me and doesn't feel normal.  Tony is the one changing all the diapers (I seriously change maybe two diapers a day - at most!) and he is the one playing with her and tending to her needs and picking out her meals/snacks - even when I am at home!  And now I even have an apprehension to going places with Presley by myself... like, "Oh my gosh, how can I handle her all by myself?!"  Even though I did it ALL. THE. TIME. for the first year and a half of her life!

And while we are talking about Tony... good gravy... he is such an awesome dad who is very much fulfilled in being a parent.  He is so patient and sweet and silly and responsible - all the things I already knew about him as a person and a man that is now being evident in his roll as a parent.  It is truly amazing.  I am so grateful for Presley (and any future Duggan kids) having such a caring dad.

And honestly, I've thought about why I haven't felt the need or want to blog and I couldn't come up with an answer.  I thought maybe it was because I was more "busy" working and never thought that was the reason... because even if I were more busy - I would still WANT to write.  But then it hit me one day that I don't feel the need to blog as much because now that I am a part of the work force again I have so much more human interaction on a daily basis!  I realize I used my blog very much in place of that interaction.  And therefore, now that the "need" is filled, I have nothing I want to write or talk about, it seems.

Other things we've been up to?  I am catching up on Glee -- currently halfway through season 4 and just as in love with the show and characters than I was at the very beginning.  I LOVE the new characters and their storylines!!!  I just finished the Harry Potter book series for the first time and I am super in love with all things Hogwarts/Harry Potter.  I am still nursing Presley but just one feeding a day these days - only our before bed nursing session.  And yes, it makes me so sad to think that our breastfeeding relationship is coming to an end.  Mostly, I am just so happy it has worked as long as it has and that she and I have been happy with it.  That is all that matters to me.

Another topic to address - Marriage Monday!  I am thinking it will become a monthly post rather than a weekly thing.  I think that is much more attainable at this point (for me) - so that's what I'll be shooting for!  If you'd like to guest post or have a topic that you'd like to see tackled for the series - you can always comment below, e-mail me, or whatever works for you; I'd love to hear from you!  And if you know someone who would be perfect for a guest post, send them my way!

That's it for now... thanks for sticking around!


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