38.5 Week Pregnancy Reflection {BABY TWO}

If you've been following along in our pregnancy journey this time around, you may be aware that I was just as recently as last week switching doctors because of a change of insurance.  And if you've been following along ultra closely, you will know that this is my THIRD doctor this pregnancy alone!!!  It's been one wild ride the past 38 weeks, but as you know, pregnancy doesn't last forever and we are nearing the end.

I visited my new doctor on Friday and let me just tell you I fell in LOVE with the staff at this new office.  Every single person I encountered was seriously just a joy to be around and I laughed so much at my appointment!  Just when I thought surely things couldn't get better, I met my new doctor - Dr. Michael Podraza and liked him just as much as everyone else I had just met!

Okay, so enough bragging... back to the doctor visit... it's hilarious that at 38 weeks we spent a good portion of the appointment going over family medical histories and also briefing them on how my current pregnancy has been going up until this point.  They took a urine sample, checked my blood pressure, then checked my cervix, and finished up with an ultrasound.  (Urine was fine - blood pressure was excellent - cervix was at a solid 2cm - and baby/fluid/heart looked wonderful!)  It was at this point that Dr. Podraza told me that while my gestational diabetes has been controlled by diet that there are still risks associated with going past the 39 week mark with Molly.  We talked over the options and together decided that induction was in my near future and that it would be the best option for me and Molly both.

As some of you may know, the chances of needing a c-section increase when you induce labor rather than waiting for it to come along naturally.  (But as you also may be aware, going over the 39 week mark with gestational diabetes also increases my chances of needing a c-section as babies from moms who have GD tend to be gigantic.)  The doctor also explained that my chances of needing a c-section after induction are reduced since I have had a previous, successful vaginal delivery.  The plan is to check into the hospital where they will insert cervadil and then twelve hours later we will start with pitocin.

It all seems a little bit unreal to me right now and that it is happening so fast!  I went to the doctor thinking I had at least another two weeks before labor would begin but it turns out I only had TWO DAYS!

How far along?:  Almost to the 39 week mark!

I am feeling:  Overwhelmed isn't the word I'm looking for... maybe in shock?  I'm feeling excited about the reality that Molly will be here soon and we will get to begin life as a family of four.  Of course I am also feeling hesitant about the pain associated with labor and delivery - but I'm also pretty confident that I can do this again!  I am already feeling anxious just thinking about being away from Presley more than a few hours because that's the longest I've been away from her at a time.  I have such guilt thinking about how much attention Molly is going to need for a long time and worry how I will be able to give Presley everything she needs/deserves in the meantime.  I'm looking forward to breastfeeding again and hoping it goes as well as it did with Presley!
Things I am currently reminding myself #1 We've done this before, we can do it again.  #2 Look at how well Presley sleeps now.  Sleep will become a great part of your life again and you will forget all about the sleep deprivation days!  #3 It will all come more naturally this time.  #4 There is SO MUCH to look forward to and be excited about.  #5 Don't be afraid to ask for/accept help from others.  #6 It's easy to worry - dig a little bit deeper and find the hope in each situation that makes you anxious.  #7 You have a husband who loves you and supports you and will do anything to help you make it through each and every hurdle life will ever throw at you.  You are not alone.  And even when you are alone or when you do feel alone, you are capable and strong.  You have done this, you can do this, you will do this (you have no other choice!) and not only WILL you do this - you will be a freaking rockstar!!!!  Also, you have a beautiful 2.5 year old daughter who loves you and depends on you - do not let her down#8 Finally, the newborn phase is much scarier in your head than it will be in reality.  Chill out and just be present.
*Self: Reread this as needed.*
What I miss most:  I miss having time to prepare.  I wish I would have gotten my last-minute ducks in a row sooner... but I am a true procrastinator!!!!
Best moment of the week:  Meeting my new doctor and his staff, touring labor & delivery at the hospital, and all the comfort associated with finally feeling ready for Molly.
What I'm excited about:  I'm excited to get this show on the road!  The human body is amazing and I cannot wait to see how mine reacts to what lies ahead.  I'm excited to meet our baby, I'm excited to do this again right next to my amazing husband, and I am excited for Presley to meet her baby sister.

Oh, and if I didn't mention before - the induction will begin TONIGHT at 7pm!  So if things go well hopefully we will be meeting little miss Molly Lou in the next few days!!!  If you feel so inclined, please keep us in your thoughts & prayers as we could use the encouragement along the way and I promise to keep everybody informed as best as I can!  Thanks for following along with me in this crazy, exciting journey towards baby Duggan #2!!!

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