What to Expect: {7 QTs} Late 3rd Trimester

I'm linking up with Kathryn @ Team Whitaker for 7 Quick Takes and this week I'm tackling the topic of what you can expect in the last leg of your third trimester!

* 7 *

One thing you can expect is having a routine GBS {Group B Strep} test at which time your doctor will swab your vagina and rectum.  Painless and super quick!  Mine was done at my 36 week check up and is usually done between 35-37 weeks.  My doctor said some women carry this specific bacteria and it can negatively affect baby's health while passing through the birth canal.  If you test positive for the group b strep infection it is my understanding that you will get some antibiotics before labor and delivery!  Nothing to stress over but absolutely something to make yourself aware of beforehand.

* 6 *

You will have gone from having a wellness check up every 4 weeks, down to every 2 weeks, and now you are on VIP status and will most likely be seeing your doctor every week now!  Take advantage of these moments and make sure to ask any/every question you've got while you have your doctor's undivided attention.  Not only will this help give you peace of mind, it will help you and your doctor to form a relationship and continue to get to know each other!

* 5 *

If your doctor is anything like mine is, s/he will start checking your cervix to have a better understanding of your progress around this time in your pregnancy.  You'll likely find out if you are dilated, effaced, and possibly will find out if baby is in a favorable position (head down) for labor and delivery.  And I'm not going to lie - this may hurt a bit or at least will be a little uncomfortable.  You can make it a little bit easier on yourself by not clenching up and relaxing as much as you can.  I know... I know... easier said than done.  I was dreading the pain associated with getting checked this time around but it hurt far less than I remember!  Phew!

* 4 *

You can pretty much expect that your doctor will be going on vacation sometime soon.  This has happened to me with both pregnancies with two different doctors and countless of my friends have had this happen very late in their pregnancy too.  What can you do?  Doctors are people too and lets face it... they probably need time away more than anyone!  My advice is just don't sweat it.  Your doctor isn't the only one who can help you bring your baby into the world.  With Presley we got SO lucky and just fell in love with the midwife who helped through labor & delivery while my doctor was gone.

* 3 *

Swelling happens.  Nothing to be concerned about as long as the swelling is slight.  It helps to keep your feet propped when you can, to eat/drink well, to get some exercise, & believe it or not - to keep drinking tons of water!  (If you have sudden or extreme swelling - don't wait to call your doctor.  Better to be safer than sorry!)

* 2 *

Start saying your goodbyes to sleep if you haven't had to already.  Between more frequent bathroom visits at night and general discomfort with the growing baby - my sleep is definitely a little patchy these days.  However, I've found that this time around I am so exhausted after having dealt with a toddler all day that I will just pass right out... after watching an episode or two of Grey's Anatomy.  {Which I have become obsessed with again... started it from the beginning and almost done with season 4.}  :)  Sleep will become a happy part of your life again eventually.

* 1 *

I would say something to be on the lookout for is fluctuating moods.  Some days I cannot WAIT to not be pregnant any longer!  I can't wait to have my body back to (mostly) myself and to get to meet our brand new baby and get our life as a family of 4 started.  I can't wait to hold a sweet, sleepy baby of my own and to get to know her.  I can't wait to see her little features.  I can't wait for Presley to become a big sister!!!!  The next day I am feeling panicked about HOW in the heck I am going to do this... how am I going to deal with sleep deprivation and a 2.5 year old who is ready to go every single morning?!  I worry whether I will be a decent mom to either girl - how will I split my attention between the two who will both no doubt be needing it?  Oh... and don't get me started on worries when it comes to labor and delivery!  My advice?  You can't help the changes in your mood, but  you can control your thoughts!  Your worrying literally will not change one thing.  You will be birthing and then taking home a child either way and what happens is just gonna happen!  The newborn phase is brutal, but if it was completely awful and not worth the struggle, I wouldn't have subjected myself to this again!  (Something I keep reminding myself!!!)  So go easy on yourself - if you can't stop the worrying then just try not to think about it so much because as I said before, it's going to happen either way!  There is no use stressing yourself out over things unnecessarily.

For you parents who have been there, done that - what would you add to the list?  Did some of these things happen to you?  Any funny third trimester stories? 


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