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I'm linking up with Harvesting Kale for another week to let you know what my family and I are currently up to!  If you would like to participate...

This weeks prompts are {calling, lighting, making, watching, planning}

Calling:  Wishing heaven had a phone number this week.  Ever miss someone who has passed away more than you normally do?  When you first lose someone the pain is unimaginable but then over time it dulls - or you become more used to the pain being there.  But then out of nowhere it dawns on you that they are actually dead and never coming back and it is enough to make your knees buckle and your breath catch.  I'm currently having one of those weeks.  It started after hearing "Can't Help Falling in Love" on my Pandora - the version sung by Ingrid Michaelson.

My dad was an Elvis Presley fan and I imagined dancing with him to the Elvis version of this song at my wedding.  I probably would've had him pick the song we danced to... so I'll never know what he would've picked... but it's what I imagine.  Like I said, that came on my Pandora radio station and the beautiful part at the very end choked me up and I just lost it for a moment.  I wish he was here on good days but especially on bad days.  He was so great with me and my sisters that it kills me to know he would've somehow been even better to my two girls and they would have loved him so much.  The thought makes me happy and incredibly, desperately sad.

Lighting:  I've finally lit a fire under my own behind when it comes to making & sending out Molly's birth announcements.  I've made them but only received half of them... the first half turned out just the way I wanted them!  I am starting to slowly send them out but I just really want the other ones to get here already.  I ordered from both Shutterfly and Target Photo - still waiting on Shutterfly but have been SO pleasently surprised by the quality of Target Photo and how quickly it made it to me!

Making:  Finally making plans to have our house sprayed to prevent bugs from sneaking in and also getting into a termite contract.  Feels good!

Watching:  Oh man, is anyone else really into Big Brother this season?  We are!  And I can't believe Frankie put Zach up to possibly go home!!!!!  So sad - I love Zach.  He really reminds me a lot of one of our good guy friends who moved away to the west coast.  He's silly and says some crazy stuff but he seems like a genuinely good guy and it makes me miss my friend, Kris!  Really hoping that if he does get voted out that he can get the chance to come back.  (Can't believe I care so much about this show!)

Planning:  On making some changes for the better in my life.  I feel like I've been in a fog for a little while now and I've been much too complacent with the way things are regardless of whether those things make me happy or sad.  I guess I just lost the sense that I control my own life - no one else does.  If someone isn't good for me or my family or the life I want to live - I have the control over it by keeping them in my life or putting distance between us.  If I feel we have too much clutter and crap in our house that we don't use regularly - I have the control to get rid of it and stop holding on to so many THINGS.  Just little things like that and bigger things as well.  It's good to feel empowered.  There are so many things we don't have control over... we can't dictate what others choose, we can't control the weather, and we cannot control the passing of time... but the thing we always have control over is ourselves - our reactions, our choices, our thoughts, our words... etc.

Here are some photos of what we've been up to lately.

Wishing well to everybody.  I hope September brings with it a wind of change for the better in all our lives.  Nothing like another fresh start.


  1. You're back!! :) Molly and Presley are adorable as always!

    Big hugs to you all around. I think that any big life change makes us miss our loved ones even more, and you've had a couple big ones here recently! I had a moment earlier this week that made me really miss my grandpa and it was one of those "I'll have to ask--oh...yeah." kind of moments. Those can be the worst!

    And I absolutely understand the need for change! I've been feeling it too. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that summer is almost over? Like we're programmed to change with the seasons or something?

  2. It's good to remember the element of control we have. I understand that feeling of it not being consistent though - when things are tough, the control does slip away for a while. Make the most of knowing you can change your world, hope things feel good and fresh for you.


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