Honeymoon Horror Story.

So, I have never blogged about our honeymoon.  At that time in my life I wasn't blogging much and a few weeks after the honeymoon we found out we were expecting... so telling our honeymoon stories got lost in the shuffle.  I figure now is as good a time as any to write it all down.  Since it's been 3.5 years, I have already forgotten so many details which is a huge reason why I'd like to get it down before I forget the rest!

As you may or may not know, my husband and I had an amazing honeymoon in Walt Disney World for a week.  It really was incredible.  The food, the people, the weather, the sun, the sky, the rides, the man, the joy of being a newlywed, did I mention the food?, the resort... EVERYTHING.  One of my favorite things about staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge was the fact that we got chauffeured around the entire weekend.  We didn't have to worry about traffic or stopping for gas or parking or anything like that!  I'm sure you wonder where the horror comes in at...

At the time of our honeymoon we lived in Silvis, Illinois and to save some money we flew to Orlando, Florida out of Chicago.  I was excited for this part - road tripping with Tony up to Chicago (which isn't far at all), staying at a nice hotel, waking up to a relaxing breakfast, paying to park at the hotel for a week & taking the hotel shuttle to the airport.  I arranged it all, booked the room, and like I said, I was excited for this extra stop before Disney.  We get there super late that evening to check in and that is when we realized the hotel no longer shuttled to the airport!  After freaking out the man said the hotel would pay for a cab to the airport for us but we would be responsible for the cab back and that we could also park at the hotel for the week.  This was - of course - a setback but since we booked the room through a third-party website there was really nothing else we could do at this point. 

Cue the horror story.

The morning of our flight the cab was RIDICULOUSLY late - I remember waiting in the lobby in front of the doors and waited and waited and waited.  I really thought for sure the cab was never showing up.  Once the cab finally DID get there, the traffic was insane though we were only a few miles from the airport.  It was one of the most stressful mornings I've ever had.  We finally get to the airport and are running through the entire Midway airport and have almost no time before our flight when we get stuck in a never-ending line at the body/bag scanners.  When we get through the line we have minutes to get to our gate which was nowhere close and somehow we get there and they hadn't left yet.  Thank God!  We sat down on the plane and thankfully we were able to laugh about our tumultuous morning and relax for the first time since arriving in Chicago.

my wedding toe nail polish

my engagement ring + wedding band and my wedding nails

Lucky for us, this was the only negative experience of our beautiful, wonderful, magical honeymoon back in May 2011.  I'd love to go back in time and enjoy that week all over again and I DEFINITELY plan to go on a second honeymoon to Walt Disney World with my husband someday!

Next up... getting to Orlando and what we thought of Disney's Magical Express!


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