Top 5 Friday.


I'm so excited for Thanksgiving Slapsgiving this year.  I'll give you a few reasons:  Amanda, John, Jojo, Ashley, Sage, Sammy, Annie & Matthew!  Not to mention: KATNISS.  Yes... totally gonna geek out at the new Mockingjay movie with some Hunger Games shirts - I am so excited.  I love when we get together for the holidays! And I am bringing my favorite jug wine again!  Last time we got started on the wine, part of dinner got burnt by our tipsy chef (which was somehow hilarious) and we took pictures in the snow.  I know... wild and crazy.  Even crazier is that it's been almost FIVE YEARS since then.  No telling what kinda shenanigans will happen this time.  Did I mention how excited I am?!

just a couple kids back then. kidless kids.

back when we were all 3 still "myers" girls

So that was Christmas five years ago... where was I on Thanksgiving five years ago, you ask?  Florida with my Gramma Myers (and Amanda, Sammy and John).  I've been thinking of Gramma a bunch lately with Thanksgiving drawing near... I miss her and wish I could spend the holiday with her as well.

love this woman.


Can we just take a moment to talk about my favorite show right now?  Okay, thanks.  So, I felt like the middle-to-end of Season 3 and the very beginning of Season 4 were not the Scandal I've come to know and love.  It was still awesome - but definitely lacking that something special.  It was to the point where I was so bored with the show and really didn't even care to catch it on time.  After the past few episodes and most notably last night's AMAZING episode - I am super happy it's back to where it was at it's best (which in my opinion was Season1/Season 2)!  With two more episodes left before they take a short hiatus until the end of January... I feel like things are going to get even more amazing!  And if you're a Scandal-addict and on Twitter, the live tweeting is so much fun.  Bellamy Young (aka, Smellie Mellie) tweeted back to me last night.  So basically we're best friends.


Man. I just love my two girls.  I love watching them grow up and also grow together!  It really is going to be so much fun as a family of four.

me & tony as ninja turtles, presley as tinker bell & molly the sunflower!

And just for fun... Presley on her first Halloween as a sunflower!


Ugh, I know.  I am so behind on posting monthly updates for Molly on here.  Or posting in general.  I have several posts I have been meaning to write and haven't gotten to it yet.  Several more I have begun writing and failed to finish so they're saved for a future date.  I have every intention of being more present when it comes to reflecting on my life yet fail to follow through and chronicle it.


Any of you out there familiar with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS?  It happens to be one of my favorite kiddo shows of Presley's and she just loves it too.  Something we both love?  The songs they sing in each episode!  Amanda had the good idea to tape Presley singing some of them and I'm here to share them with you.  (You're welcome.)


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