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You guys! Molly Lou Duggan is HERE! She is beautiful and healthy and perfect and I could not love her more. My heart was capable of this kinda love all over again after all!

I went in to be induced Sunday, June 29th @ 7pm, the cervadil was inserted around 8pm. I started having regular contractions right away and we never even ended up needing pitocin! I made it to about 2:30am without pain management and that's when I got the epidural - I was around 4cm. It took several attempts for him to get it in successfully which was terrifying and painful - especially since Tony was not allowed in the room. 
I felt so much better after the epidural but never felt total relief as I could still feel a whole lot. A couple hours later I was checked (about 5:15am) and I was at a 6cm. It was around this point I started to have extreme anxiety and really started freaking out. I called the nurse back in 15 minutes (about 5:30am) later and I was hysterical. I figured out why - I was feeling so much …

38.5 Week Pregnancy Reflection {BABY TWO}

If you've been following along in our pregnancy journey this time around, you may be aware that I was just as recently as last week switching doctors because of a change of insurance.  And if you've been following along ultra closely, you will know that this is my THIRD doctor this pregnancy alone!!!  It's been one wild ride the past 38 weeks, but as you know, pregnancy doesn't last forever and we are nearing the end.

I visited my new doctor on Friday and let me just tell you I fell in LOVE with the staff at this new office.  Every single person I encountered was seriously just a joy to be around and I laughed so much at my appointment!  Just when I thought surely things couldn't get better, I met my new doctor - Dr. Michael Podraza and liked him just as much as everyone else I had just met!

Okay, so enough bragging... back to the doctor visit... it's hilarious that at 38 weeks we spent a good portion of the appointment going over family medical histories and …

38 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby two}

How far along?:  Phew, didn't think I'd still be posting these at this point!  I am 38 weeks along in my second pregnancy and I wholeheartedly thought I would have had Molly by now!

I am feeling:  I'm not feeling terrible, to be honest with you... I just think I am getting mentally exhausted of being SO pregnant.  I have some pregnant friends who are still in the early stages of pregnancy who have said they're jealous that I'm nearing the home stretch... but I have to be honest and say I think they are crazy to be jealous of ALL this right now!!!!  I know they mostly mean they're wishing they were getting ready to meet their baby's already... but holy moly - the third trimester is TOUGH.

Size of baby:  Still about the size of a watermelon (YOWZA!) at about 6.5 lbs & 19-22 inches!

Movement:  Molly still moves most when I'm in bed for the evening... lately I will feel her down low in my belly on the far right side and simultaneously will feel what I'…

37 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby two}

*For anybody who wants to input their guess on when Molly Lou will make her grand appearance - you can enter it in HERE.*
Winner will get a cool prize... still trying to figure out what it'll be.  But beware, my husband Tony won the pool last time with Presley... so my money is on him again!

How far along?:  I've somehow made it to 37 weeks along in my second pregnancy!  Which means, if she is anything like her big sister, she will be here in two weeks (though she is due in three).  For those who might need a refresher, Molly's due date is Wednesday, July 9th!

I am feeling:  Less than 100% lately.  On Sunday we had Tony's folks over for Father's Day - Tony made a Chili's copycat recipe of Monterrey chicken and it was SERIOUSLY delicious. After Presley's naptime we went outside and she played in the yard with her t-ball set and in her pool and it was HOT out.  I don't know what it was, but by the end of the day my legs and ankles were super swollen and I di…

What to Expect: {7 QTs} Late 3rd Trimester

I'm linking up with Kathryn @ Team Whitaker for 7 Quick Takes and this week I'm tackling the topic of what you can expect in the last leg of your third trimester!

* 7 *
One thing you can expect is having a routine GBS {Group B Strep} test at which time your doctor will swab your vagina and rectum.  Painless and super quick!  Mine was done at my 36 week check up and is usually done between 35-37 weeks.  My doctor said some women carry this specific bacteria and it can negatively affect baby's health while passing through the birth canal.  If you test positive for the group b strep infection it is my understanding that you will get some antibiotics before labor and delivery!  Nothing to stress over but absolutely something to make yourself aware of beforehand.

* 6 *
You will have gone from having a wellness check up every 4 weeks, down to every 2 weeks, and now you are on VIP status and will most likely be seeing your doctor every week now!  Take advantage of these moments a…

35 Week Pregnancy Reflection {baby two}

How far along?:  About 35 weeks along.  Roughly 5 weeks to go!

I am feeling:  Great. Tired. Guilty.

Let me expand on that last feeling.  I feel guilty for a few reasons here lately:  I haven't been feeling very social.  This isn't any new huge thing for me, but it has gotten even "worse" here in the last few weeks.  It's very common for me to not return texts or phone calls or really just failing to maintain the relationships I have unless it's easy.  (AKA, unless they live with me or I see them on a regular basis.)  It's just how it's been.  I really only feel slightly guilty for this.

The real reasons I feel guilty have a lot to do with me wanting this baby to come sooner than later AND that I have been squandering away my LAST alone times with my baby goose.  Not to mention, I feel guilty that I am about to change Presley's life so majorly.  And then I feel guilty that I am looking at Molly as such a catalyst rather than my baby.  I know it stem…