Hello from the most neglected blog on the block!!! I have so many ideas bouncing around in my brain when it comes to blogging but never sit down to write them out. I work myself up that each post needs to be so substantial when in reality the heart and soul of writing has so little to do with the word count. So, this is a start.

Father's Day is a bittersweet day for me. I feel like people must not believe me when I say I had the world's best dad. {The exception being is if the person knew my dad... then they usually agree with me right away.} And it's not a competition thing... I'm not saying that to say that my dad is better than all the other dads. It's just he was the best dad I could ever imagine having. He loved us in the way that every child should be loved.

I think about what an incredible person my dad was and the pain of having him taken away so suddenly, so violently comes bubbling to the surface nearly as strongly as it was in the beginning. And while I'm out of the darkest days I can recognize now that there will always be dark days. You just can't outrun those feelings.

And that's what days like Father's Day felt like to me after my dad was gone... dark. Empty. And certainly a day I didn't feel like celebrating anymore. That is until I had a new father in my life. The father of my kids.

The last five years I've felt true joy on days like today again. So, cheers to the guy who entered my life a month after my dad left it. You were such a bright light in my darkest times. Thank you for loving me and for loving our babies. There is so much about you that I love and that is so worth celebrating. You make everything better.

And Happy Father's Day to the best father in the world. I love you so much, Dad, and I know without a doubt my kids would have loved every moment of getting to know you. I'm trying my best to keep your love and memories alive for them. I hope you never stop watching over us.


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