Around this time last year, I loved keeping up with the few pregnancy blogs I followed (like Sharon, Sean, Erica, Brittney, and Jessica - to name a few).  At the time, most of them were all complete strangers, but I really felt connected to them through our mutual baby-growing.  I felt - and still feel - that being pregnant was such a profound and special experience.  I loved reading about these women's experiences through doctor visits, oddities, joys, as well as the struggles that are bound to happen with any pregnancy.  There were weekly updates, questions and answers about how pregnancy has affected them, and everything in between.  Then one by one, these women brought their babies into the world and into their life.  And most notably, they brought them into their blogs.

These women went from "me"-centered blogs adorned with pictures of themselves and their growing bellies as well as entries chalked full of their thoughts and experiences to "he/she"-centered blogs full of pictures of and obsession with these new, adorable strangers.  I was so excited for them and just couldn't believe how much their lives had already changed.  I figured these new parents were just so excited about their children so of course they wanted the world to get to know them.  I figured these baby entries would stick around but then once the newness of the baby wore off, they would eventually get back into the occasional entry about themselves.  Because as much as I loved getting to know these little babes, I felt like I had really invested in those mommies lives as well after getting to know them throughout their pregnancy.

And then it hit me the other day:  I am totally that mom, too.  When I go shopping, it's straight to the baby section of the store - bypassing the "women" section.  It is just depressing for me to try on clothes underneath fluorescent lights because honestly, who has time to work out?  Or moreover, what new mom has time to focus on themselves?  I am so Presley-centered these days - making sure she is dressed head-to-toe and looking adorable - and I brush my teeth, make sure I at least fit into the clothes I am putting on for the day, and barely give myself a once-over in the mirror before heading out for the day.  I've been more than "fine" in this routine but I am now noticing that things don't have to be this way. 

As Presley gets more independent (which I would still call her anything but "independent" - especially through this separation anxiety phase that she is currently in) I find I can do a little more for myself throughout the day.  For example, she has been taking a nap every afternoon.  I could utilize that time to work out at home rather than sit on my behind writing a blog (Oops...) or to do dishes or whatever the case to feel better about myself, my home, or my life.  I just don't want to resent being a stay-at-home mother and I want to be able to feel better about myself and my physique.  So here's to killing two birds with one stone and utilizing these nap times for better purposes.  As well as writing the occasional "me"-centered blogs for any and all who wonder how the woman behind the monitor is doing these days.  (You other moms, don't forget to do the same!  I love hearing how you and your children are doing!)


  1. I love reading mommy and pregnancy blogs too! I really loved being pregnant and decided that I was going to do that again for my future pregnancy/pregnancies by blogging about it. :) And I totally agree that our blogs have evolved from "me" to "my kid"...that has happened to me!

  2. Ali~ I simply love reading your blog! I have since the day I found it, pregnant and looking for other preggo moms to share the experience with. And now that you mention it, I see the change from "me" to "my baby" in my own blog.. Hmm. And like you, it's not just my blog, my whole life is baby centered. It's super hard to find any me time, although lately I've been bad and slacking on my studies a bit to enjoy more reading for pleasure. EEK! I hope you find the energy to work out during Presley's naps and that it helps you feel as fabulous as you are!

  3. I've only recently gotten into blogging (both the reading and writing of), but I have definitely noticed a bit of what you're talking about, and I've had a lot of the same thoughts. Having started my blog off as a "Baby Blog," however, what often deters me from writing about myself is that I'm worried that my readers (the handful of them that there are, most of whom are family trying to keep up from afar) are only in it for the kids. Who wants to read about me when I've got two cuties as competition?

    But I must admit to getting a little excited every time I get some insight into the authors of the blogs that I read, particularly when they usually write about other content. Even if I did get started reading about their family and kids, I love learning about them, too. And I try to remind myself of that, to give myself the courage to sometimes talk about me.

    Now, taking extra time and effort for myself? That's a whole other achievement to focus on. But I've got my eye on that too. (Someday). ;)


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