Giving Thanks.

Like I did last year, I'd like to post 10 things that I am thankful for this year for Thanksgiving.  True to form, I am a little late in putting my blessings into writing - just like last year... but better late than never!  (Which is pretty much my life motto.)

Being a stay at home mom.  I know I am lucky to be able to stay home with Presley each day.  Though it's been something I have taken for granted from time to time, I can see that in hindsight it has given the two of us the chance to create an unbreakable bond.  I feel that this was especially important especially since I was experiencing the baby blues (if not post-partum depression) big time in the beginning - if we hadn't gotten this chance to work on our bond then I have no idea what our relationship would look like at this point.  Just solidifies my belief in everything happening for a reason.

My husband's job.  If it wasn't for Tony's job and the fact that he is such a hardworking, dedicated man, I wouldn't have the opportunity to stay home with Presley full time.  He has gotten laid off from work in the past, but thank the Lord, that hasn't happened since becoming pregnant or bringing Presley home.  We. Are. So. Blessed.  He loves Presley so much, so I know what a sacrifice it is for him to wake up at the crack of dawn and leave his family each day, but we are so thankful for such an amazing man in our life.

Reliable transportation A few months ago I was having car trouble and it got progressively worse really quickly and because it is a 1992, we figured that maybe it was time to say goodbye to my car.  Thankfully, that was not the case!  All that needed to be replaced was the timing belt and thanks to our trusty mechanic, it was also fixable within our budget.  We had planned to buy a new family car in a year or so, but because my car was gone for a while (and Tony's civic is a two-door & not much of a family car), we decided to go ahead and buy our family car!  So now I drive our Honda Fit and Tony drives our '92 Corolla to work everyday.  The extra bills are a pain in the ass, but thankfully we are also making that work as well.

Presley She has the best laugh, the sweetest smile, and a personality that I'm in awe of.  She makes me want to be a better person every second.  God knew what he was doing when he sent Presley to us; she made our new, little family so solid - even though at any given moment we felt like we were on shaky grounds because we had absolutely no idea what we were doing!  When we first brought Presley home, I was almost mourning over the fact that it would never be just the two of us (Tony and I) ever again... mostly because it had been just us two for so many years through dating and our engagement.  We have a greater appreciation for our alone time as husband and wife so much more than before.  Presley has given us such a sense of purpose - whoever said threes a crowd was certainly not talking about our family!  She is the best baby we could have ever been given.

My husband I could never have asked for a more fun partner or a more loving father for our kids (assuming we will have more in the future).  Though we continue to have our ups and downs, we work through them and love each other more through each bump in the road.  Our life may not be full of glamor - usually it's full of diapers & drool, but it is full of huge smiles.  And I would marry him all over again in a heartbeat.

Weekly play dates.  I can NOT forget to mention the weekly play dates Megan and I have been having because they have really kept me sane and given me so much to look forward to every week!  We are so blessed to have friends with girls around the same age as Presley; not only are they going to be great friends to Presley over the years, but they have already helped Presley learn new things!  After each of our play dates, Presley comes home doing something new almost every time.  Alli and Molly have taught her how to wave, how to use her voice, and even how to army crawl.  I know she would have done these things eventually, but I kid you not, she watches these girls and imitates them like crazy!  And I am so lucky to have Megan as a friend!!!  I consider myself very lucky to know the Ebner/Darras family.

 Friends.  The friends who still want to be with me even though I've changed so much in the last year; who are truly understanding of my insatiable need to be with my family as much as I can since bringing Presley home; friends that have no problem picking up where we left off - whether it was a few days since we last talked or a few months.  I really have learned that it's quality, not quantity when it comes to friends - that has never been more true than now.  And dear lord, I cannot forget to mention my mom friends. I've gotten so much help along the way from various mom friends through encouraging words, listening ears, helpful advice, hand-me-downs, and unconditional support and love!  If it takes a village to raise a child, it certainly takes just as much if not more to condition a mama!  I'd be lost without everyone along the way - including all my fellow blog moms.

Health.  Enough said.  We are happy and healthy and that is something I will never, ever forget to give thanks for.

Family.  I know bragging is an unbecoming quality, but you guys, I have the best in-laws imaginable - I am SO in love with Tony's family!  Though I have known and loved them for quite some time now, they continue to surprise me with how much they care about one another and the amount of love and support they give freely.  I'm also so thankful for all our family members who have brought little ones into this crazy world this past year - Tony's cousin Danielle had baby boy John in May, my sister Amanda had baby girl Anne Marie in July, and my cousin Breanne had baby boy Emory this month!  Presley is going to be blessed with playmates and I've already been so blessed with having these three new moms to lean on!  Not to mention, my little sister Ashley has just been such a blessing in showing so much love and understanding and support to me throughout the last nine months - I can always turn to her and I am so thankful that will always stay the same.  I'm also thankful for having my mom live so close to us as well as the amazing time we had with my family (plus all the amazing Asians!!!!) for Thanksgiving!

Goals.  This might seem a little weird - but I am so thankful for the goals we've set for our family.  I know that our plans aren't always the plans God have for us - and BOY have we learned that over the last year!!! - but I am so hopeful and excited for our future... wherever that may lead us. 

What are you guys most thankful for this year?


  1. I am so thankful for my family, my parents, my sister and brother and their families, my girls, my little girls, and realizing how many blessings that have been bestowed upon me. Thank you God very much.


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