Birthday Party!

Wow.  First, let me start off by saying my family and I are so supremely blessed with family members who are friends and friends who are extended family members to us.  The gift of their time and love is better than anything and that was more evident tonight then ever before.  Second, we survived the party!  And we all had a fantastic time!  Until the end of the party, at least... right before we left, Presley really got upset because she was SO exhausted.  She skipped her nap today (must have been excited for the party!) and thus, her nighttime crash came a little sooner and was a bit stronger!  I felt so bad for her because we still had to pack up the car and go home before I could feed her and put her to bed.  She was such a trooper, though, and really went along well with everything today, whether it was running pre-party errands or the different aspects of her party, she did great!

I felt too busy occupied (if that makes sense?) at the party to really think about the implications of Presley turning one - and I don't think the reality of it all will hit me until her real birthday or maybe even after that.  I haven't even stopped to think about the fact that Wednesday will be my last "monthly" birthday update for Presley.  Just thinking about that makes me want to cry a little bit!  I have really enjoyed watching her grow so rapidly and can't believe on all the "lasts" that have just slipped right past us without realizing it would be our last.  (For example:  Last time she napped on me regularly... at the time I worried too much if she would ever be able to nap in her crib - so much so that I didn't soak up those little moments enough.  Last time I could set her down without her moving.  Last time she fell asleep while I was rocking her in church while at mass... etc.)  I will definitely have to find a way to keep documenting the new things she learns as time goes on.

Now, onto the party! 

We had her birthday party at a local pizza parlor and invited some of our friends and family members.

Presley's Invites from Shutterfly

Most of the guests lived in town but we also had a few from out of town - my cousin Breanne, her husband Dustin, and their son Emory (who we are going to spend Father's Day with this year) came from Milwaukee to party with Presley and my aunt Jill and uncle Chuck (who we love to visit every Easter/Thanksgiving) came from Huntley!  We felt so lucky to have them there with us.

I also got crafty and made a few decorations from ideas inspired from Pinterest!  What did parents do for fun and creative ideas before this website?!  I bought 3 packs of party hats on clearance at Jewel Osco a few weeks ago.  They had an okay design to start out with but I bought them so I could make Minnie/Mickey party hats.  This required spray painting them black, cutting circles & bows out of cardstock, adding ears and bows to the hats, and they went from this...

To this...
Awesome tutorial found here!
I also crafted together a "chalkboard" poster board full of Presley's stats.  It didn't turn out anything like what I initially envisioned, but I do like how it turned out (for the most part).  But I definitely had fun making it, that's for sure!  It was nice to just sit for a moment and think about the things Presley most enjoys.
Original inspiration for this found here

At the party, Presley had her first taste of pizza!  I think she liked it but it was hard to tell since she will pretty much eat anything we give her these days.  She also had her first real dessert and had it all to herself!  I say "dessert" since her cake turned out to be more like pudding than anything else!  I tried to make it as "healthy" as possible (bananas instead of eggs and apple juice concentrate instead of sugar) but it just didn't turn out so much like a cake after all.  Nonetheless, she seemed to really like it - which is no surprise because she has always loved bananas.  (Maybe we will have to make her a better cake for her actual birthday this Wednesday.)

Presley with my mom & her #1 balloon!

Presley and Jaime - a friend of mine from high school

Presley and Megan - another friend from high school!  Presley and I miss our weekly play dates with Megan and her nieces.

Beautiful smiles!
Presley and her daddy!  This is the only picture I got with Presley's party hat on - she didn't care for it.  You can also KIND of see the dirt cake cups I made for dessert for the party guests, idea from here.

Hat is gone!

Me and Presley!  She's also wearing the tutu I made for her. :)

Presley getting out of her cake-covered clothes

Dressing her in her back-up clothes... she looks pretty tired already!

We can never seem to get all six of us looking at the camera at once!  Almost!
L to R:  Megan with Alli, Me with Presley, and Erin with Molly.

We take turns looking away/looking at the camera!

Presley and Becca - a former work friend of mine from the YMCA who was also in our wedding party!

Presley and my best friend, Betsy, from high school.

Presley with Ashley & Jake - a great friend from high school and her fantastic husband.  They're expecting a baby boy this summer!  Couldn't be a more deserving couple.  :)

This is when we were saying goodbye to everyone and the long day started to hit Presley!

Presley with her Grammy - this picture is hilarious.

Presley with Jess - one of my very sweet friends!

And man, did Presley get some spectacular gifts - her friends really do know her well!  From adorable outfits to interactive toys (and several awesome Disney gifts!) she is going to be a busy and happy bee.  My cousin took video of Presley digging into her "cake" so I will need to cut it down a bit and then upload a portion to my blog.

Ending this hectic but very awesome days feeling so lucky.  Thank you to everybody who came out for our little baby girl's first birthday party - you guys make our lives so much happier and bless us with all you are!  And to everybody reading this, we certainly love you as well -  thanks for being such a special part of Presley's first year as a baby and our first year as parents!!!  Well... almost a complete year... still a few more days under that year mark. *sigh*  But like my friend Sean said... it's really just a drop in the bucket in the big scheme of things!


Here are a couple still shots from the cake video!

Her reaction just after the first bite!


  1. So happy that the party was a success! We ate cake tonight for Presley's party too. Just wish we could be there. Tought of y'all all day! Love y'all bunches & bunches!!!!

  2. i can't believe our girls are turning 1! so crazy! happy birthday presley!!!

    1. I know, man! I keep having to remind myself of the reality that they are about to be one when they still seem like little tiny babes to me! :') And thank you!

  3. I think the board turned out really nice! Grant is a little peanut. My board was incorrect with his weight (we tried to weigh him on our own) but when we went to the doctor on Monday, he actually weights 19 pounds and 13 oz, so Grant and Presley are the about the same weight. Happy Birthday Presley!

    1. That's so funny, Megan! We had to weigh Presley at home ourselves, too, so it'll be fun to see how close she is to that measurement at her appointment on Friday! =)

  4. Squeee!!! She is just so flipping cute! Trust me when I say this, you won't ever stop thinking of her as your baby no matter how old she gets. Every stage just gets more and more fun. This is such a special time though and I am so glad you're documenting it and got to spend it with such amazing friends and family. Presley is so very blessed. :)

    1. Thanks Sean :-) That's so encouraging to hear... I am so scared all the time that I will get to some stage and just start missing the baby stage insanely. Our baby girls are both very blessed!!!!

  5. I LOVE the chalkboard!! Looks like so much fun :) Happy girl!!

    1. Thanks, Katie! It was all a lot of fun but happy that birthdays are only once a year ;)

  6. Wonderful pictures.

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x


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