Words from my 19-year-old self.

As some of you may know, I have been blogging for a long time now, though it always hasn't been here on Blogspot.  Sometimes I like to go back and read the musings of my former self through the years.  I stumbled across this entry and my jaw all but fell on the ground considering I wrote such a similar post just a few weeks ago (Top 5 Reasons Why I Love My Hubby) because I did not remember that this entry existed!  It floors me to be able to read these things now and then and mostly that these things are about the same man!  It's exciting to see where we are headed by looking at where we have been and knowing where we are now in our marriage.  This is one of the reasons I keep blogging - it is SO rewarding.

So, without hesitation, here is an entry from my former blog (complete with pictures) from August 10, 2007:

5 Reasons Why I know I want to marry Tony someday:

He protects me: He is very careful of my feelings so he doesn't hurt them, he respects me completely, he tries hard not to hurt me at all, he sticks up for me, and he is always there if I need him. I feel very safe around him. When I'm sick, he takes care of me, and he is SO selfless about it. He is always making sure I'm alright.
He makes me feel like one in a million: Not only does he remember all my favorite things, but he treats me by surprising me with them all the time. He does the SWEETEST, kindest, nicest things for me and doesn't expect - or even want - recognition for it. He does those things because he honestly loves me and wants to see me smile and make me happy. He doesn't look at other girls in front of me and tells me I am the only one for him... he acts like he only has eyes for me.

He loves me, knowing all my imperfections and shortcomings: Seriously, I fart on this guy and he still likes me... haha. But really- I tell him everything from what I'm feeling to venting to him about what upsets me. He listens to me, he is so patient, and he rarely ever loses his temper with me (and I am a provoker!!!). I am such a brat and instead of hating me he makes me feel like I'm not crazy. He helps me become a better person - whether its just being a better sharer or making major changes in myself because of how great he is to me.

He is sure of us: He doesn't go back & forth about his feelings for me, no matter what. He tells me he knows we are going to get married and when he talks about having kids of his own in the future, I'm always part of that.

He is my home: He is my rock- he is what I ALWAYS turn to and lean on when I am not feeling strong enough to do it myself. When I am with him even if I have a million things to worry about he has a way of putting his arms around me (yeaaah its cheesey, but true) and just calming me down. When I was away from him it was a really tough thing for me to do because he is such a big part of me. I feel so comfortable around him and I don't know what I would do without that comfort.

Hope you enjoyed.  If you love somebody, let them know why and just how much you adore them for you NEVER know when you will get the chance again!  Happy Tuesday and have a wonderful night.


  1. It is so awesome that you can look back on this and see how far you've come with your hubby! (and that you've felt that way for so long!) Ahh, love. I was finally able to go back to a blog called Xanga from 2002-2004ish and boy oh boy has my life changed! For the better thankfully. Anyway, I meant to respond to a comment from you a while back but I've been lax.. sorry! We are getting Abi a few things for her birthday.. A few clothes, an activity table, a pull toy, a toy phone (since she's obsessed with mine) and a fun xylophone thingy. At least that's it for now! We are also hoping to add a few things that are closer to 18-24 months since there won't be another gift giving holiday for a long time. :)


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